3 DIY Outfits for Halloween

With halloween just around the corner, what better way than to create your next awesome costume with second hand clothes and accessories. Cruise through second hand shops to build your next Halloween outfit. You’ll be sure to have the most creative and unique outfit for the upcoming spooky night. Here’s some of our staff selections to get your creative outfit ideas rolling.

Mario & Luigi

Grab a best buddy and create these last minute DIY Nintendo costumes. They’re the easiest and most fun outfit to put together. Grab a green and red shirt with matching colored caps. Top it off with overalls to complete this super easy and noticeable costume. If you want to go even further, find a third buddy and seek out a pink gown for a Princess Peach look. If you’re lucky, find a crown in the accessories section. You’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd.

Groovy Gigolos

This easy to put together customer idea will definitely get the party started. Browse around a second hand shop and find the most fashionable or the craziest looking fur coat. Pull off this groovy gigolo look, or go for the Macklemore style fur coat. There is a ton of fur, real and fake, in stock at second hand stores during the fall/winter season, so you’ll be sure to find the one for your style. To put in a extra detail, add in a designer tie like these Channel and Fendi’s shown in the photo.

True Fashionistas 

Experiment your unique colors and fashion tastes by creating your own theme or outfit. Be free to explore your own trends for this Halloween. Check out this true DIY outfit put together by our awesome staff. Combined with a Japanese green Yukata theme and paired with sparkling disco pants and a fur scarf, this look is topped off with a pair of sweetly blush green and pink high heels. Second hand shopping definitely brings creativity while saving you a lot less than a store bought costume.

Always have fun with your costume selecting, and remember to give yourself points for creativity. Happy hunting!

Check out the outfits from 2nd Street Pasadena | Halloween Window Display