3 Ways to Eco-Friendly Shopping for Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up this Sunday, April 22nd, check out these tips on how you can shop in style for sustainable clothes while celebrating Earth Day. Why not look great and help out the environment? That’s a great way to thank the planet!

1. Second Hand Online Shopping

If you’re not in the mood to go out and scavenge hundreds of second hand items, check out our online store in the comfort of your room. We stock some of the best casual and designer items in the greatest conditions. You’re reusing clothes, and saving that car drive to the store.  

Don’t forget, second hand clothes are unique, so be sure to grab the item you love before someone else does! Check out our online store here.

2. Bringing Back the ’90s  

With the iconic fashion styles of the ’90s trending, what’s a better way to stay on point than to wear clothes actually from the ’90s? You can shop for those awesome vintage items straight from that decade at second hand stores. 

It’s just another reminder that second hand shopping isn’t just about reusing and helping out the planet. Be ready to rock those ’90s trends, and check out items from our online store and at our Melrose location. 

3. Cleaning Out Your Closet 

Make it your goal this weekend to pull those shoes, clothes, and accessories out that’s been sitting in your closet. Throw them in a bag, and head over to our Melrose store. Sell your items, and earn cash. It’s so easy, and your items will be reused (and treasured) by someone else. You’re welcome, Mother Earth.

However you celebrate Earth Day, wearing second hand clothes and shopping in style are great ways to give back. Our Melrose location is open 11am – 8pm Monday to Sunday. We have a great collection of casual and designer brands for you to shop. Do good and look great!