Bringing Fashion to Life

Today we’re on location in the Hollywood Hills for a photo shoot. The house we’ve chosen for the set is a gorgeous five-bedroom, seven-bath luxury home with a breathtaking hilltop patio overlooking Los Angeles. 

2nd Street USA model shooting

Our model Addison describes his personal aesthetic as “very LA,” with an emphasis on staying casual but well put together. His first outfit, a punk-inspired look, certainly fits the bill. A sleeveless SWG red and black flannel is paired with ripped skinny jeans worn over 2013 Converse kicks. They maintain the classic All Star silhouette made famous by Chuck Taylor, but are enhanced with a high-quality texture finish and special “Made in Japan” prints on the insole and heel patch. 

2nd Street USA model Addison in a punk-inspired lookAddison in SWG red and black flannel, skinny jeans and 2013 Converse

Addison’s Dim Mak t-shirt may look plain from the outset, but a closer examination reveals the words “by any means necessary” — the edgy ethos of Steve Aoki’s brand — on the lower back. To punctuate the rock aesthetic, Addison sports a wallet chain by Hysteric Glamour, a brand that has often collaborated with famous artists and musicians.

After a quick change, Addison returns in a new look. This artistic ensemble showcases a long black coat by Three Blind Mice. He sports sarouel pants, a style that originated centuries ago in North Africa but has been modernized to contemporary tastes. The high-water pants highlight his black Dior Homme boots with white piping. Accessories complete the look, including a grey patterned Nonnative scarf and a black bowler hat by CA4LA. CA4LA is a play on words, as its pronounciation, kashira, is the Japanese word for “head.” Addison’s thick-rimmed glasses are from Effector, and were handmade in Japan’s Sabae City, in Fukui Prefecture.

Addison with his black bowler hat by CA4LA. CA4LAAddison wearing a thick-rimmed glasses from Effector

Addison appreciates the boutique fashion brands he’s wearing, because with a long but slim body, he believes that smaller labels pay more attention to the details like style and fit.

Addison transforms into a third look, inspired by Tokyo streetwear. On the top, he layers a black Kelen anorak parka over a yellow Cyderhouse tee, and on the bottom, he wears blue patterned Patagonia shorts.

Our model Sarah then joins Addison. Sarah describes her personal aesthetic as “street urban with a vintage vibe,” and it comes alive in her look. Sarah wears a Ray Beams pleated shirt over tapered pale blue pants by Le Ciel Bleu. To complete her outfit, Sarah struts in aqua Toga wedges and carries a cute straw handbag with an accent bow.

Sarah in Ray Beams pleated shirt, and pants by Le Ciel Bleu

Always the tomboy, Sarah can usually be found in boots and ripped jeans. But she makes an exception in her next look, a bohemian ensemble that accents her feminine side. Lovely in lace, her top ties into a casual side knot. Her Buona Giornata blue tulle skirt flows in the breeze of the sunny California day. Her simple but sophisticated handbag was created by Italy-based Japanese designer Anteprima, and her white heels by famed British fashion house Jimmy Choo. 

2nd Street USA model Sarah in Buona Giornata blue tulle skirt2nd Street USA model Sarah in Tokyo style fashion

As the sun sets over LA, our shoot comes to a close. Everyone is happy with how the photos have brought designer vintage fashion to life. Unique separates have been assembled to create a wide range of trendy, one-of-a-find looks to appeal to fashion-conscious shoppers.