Supreme’s Latest Collaborator, Hysteric Glamour

Most of you might know that Supreme, one of the hottest street fashion brand in the world, released a collaboration capsule with Hysteric Glamour. So now, how many of you know that Hysteric Glamour is a Japanese brand? It started its history as women’s clothing brand and its goods and concepts are based on rock music, art, and subcultural elements from the 60s to 80s in United states.

When you are browsing the clothings of Hysteric Glamour, you will see that tons of rock stars are on its T-shirts. It have been collaborating with a lot of well-known band and/or rock star like Kurt Cobain from NIRVANA.


Johnny Thunders, the legend of New York punk rock scene and Australian hard rock band AC/DC is also on its T-shirts.


Of course it respects female artists too. It collaborated with the rock singer, Joan Jett and also the rock band, The Runaways.


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