What is

What’s better than discovering new trends?
Finding one-of-a-kind pieces in premium, second-hand condition with so much to choose from. Better than brand new, here at 2nd STREET, we have truly unique items that can’t be found just anywhere, for great value.
To keep you on-trend and always in something new, over five million items are added monthly to our over 500 stores across Japan where we regularly get our inventory from. Shop with 2nd STREET for new looks, and you’re part of an environmental movement, because every reusable and second-hand purchase reduces the waste of unnecessary resources and landfill.

So you can look good, feel good, and shop for the greater good.

What We Offer

Our constant influx of new merchandise from over 500 stores in Japan promises that inventory is always fresh with a wide variety of stylish items.

Our Japanese “culture of caring” assures a thorough assessment of all the items you bring in to sell.


Our customer service lives up to the standards of Japanese hospitality, “Omotenashi”. We want to make sure that you enjoy the time you spend with us.

Make a fashion statement that’s part of an

environmental movement.

In the U.S. alone, over 15 million tons of clothing end up in landfills annually. But with your support, we’re able to continuously drive the sale of gently-used clothing and reduce waste around the world. Even items that fail to sell in our stores are resold or recycled. We’re committed to increasing our environmental efforts and reducing the number of garments that reach landfills.

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